We Protect You from

Costly and Distracting Business Disputes

 The business  and corporate  practice  of The Thomas  Business Law Group  is dedicated  to assisting  small to medium-sized companies,   start-ups  and established   entities,  solo entrepreneurs   and others  in meeting  their formal  and legal obligations   and preventing   costly  exposure  to litigation  and other unnecessary  risk.

Key Benefits

 An ongoing consultative relationship with a group of trained and competent professionals will greatly minimize risk and potential business losses.

 Immediate access to counsel at times of crisis will invariably allow for greater flexibility and less “reactive” or “urgency-based” conduct.

• A “Iegal check-up” for your company is a cost-effective way to focus your business planning and strategic thinking.


Contact our office today to arrange for a free initial consultation to discuss how we can assist you in moving your company into a zone of comfort and security which will allow for sound planning and growth.

Legal Check-up

We can undertake a thorough analysis of your company’s legal “health,” make recommendations, and assist in the implementation of those recommendations.

Review of Corporate Formalities and Securities Issues

We can undertake a review of corporate, LLC or partnership formalities and maintenance, as well as assist companies seeking to issue private placements or IPO’s.

Litigation and Litigation Support

Should you be sued or ultimately need to file suit, our office can assist you in fashioning sound business solutions and creative alternatives to litigation.   Should creativity and good faith fail, we aggressively litigate for you.

Intellectual Property Issues

We can assist your company in protecting trademarks, logos, trade secrets, original works, and inventions.

Employment Issues

We can undertake a review of your company’s employment policies, manuals and contracts and make recommendations to assist in the avoidance of lawsuits, loss of customers, and protection of proprietary information.


Dear Business Owner:

I believe that your relationship with your attorney should be based upon your knowledge that he can add value to your business.This means he must add value to your business by:

1.            Alerting you to potential areas of exposure and dispute;

2.            Helping you to observe legal formalities such ascorporate filings,trademark registrations,confidentiality and employment agreements,review of contract and “terms and conditions” language;

3.            Working proactively to diffuse major disputes, to litigate only as a last resort, and to always posture disputes with an eye towards resolving them, rather than blowing them out of proportion;

4.            And, in each instance, being an aggressive advocate of your best interests, whether that means taking a dispute to court, to arbitration, to mediation, or to our conference room to attempt to “mend fences” with a potential plaintiff or defendant.

If your attorney adds value to your business, you seek him out before you make a major commitment (such as signing a contract, hiring a key employee or making a major purchase), rather than after.

I hope that you will give me the opportunity to demonstrate to you how the right attorney can add value to your business through proper planning and by preventing or minimizing disputes and mistakes which can wipe out years of your hard work and effort.

Please call my office to arrange for an appointment today.

Best regards,

Stephen J. Thomas

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The Thomas Business Law Group is a law firm with offices in Illinois and California, and affiliations and alliances throughout the United States and Asia. The firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality of legal and business consultative services to its clients, most of whom are small to medium-sized companies or individuals.The Thomas Business Law Group is committed to the proposition that preventing legal disputes and minimizing exposure to litigation are the greatest services that competent counsel can provide to its clients. The Thomas Law Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality of legal and business consultative services to its clients.